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Cotton Twill

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Rucksack Herren
Kork Geldbörse

Experiences with your Sperling


Our fabrics

We rely on sustainable materials. Our products always have elements of cork, the vegan alternative to leather, which often is combined with organic cotton. Lear more about the raw material of each Sperling.

Gründerteam Startup

We – the founders

Each journes begins with the first step and in this case we both habe taken this first step. We want you to know who stands behind Sperling.

fairtrade Rucksack

Our production

“Who made my bag?” To answer this question, we focus on transparency and show you where and how your Sperling is produced with love and fair working conditions.

Sperling Blog

New products, insights into our startup or inspirations for a sustainable lifestyle: Have a look in our blog to see what is going on right now or discuss interesting topics with us.

Schlüssel verloren

Lost your key?

All Sperling products are equipped with a serial number. Not only does it stress the uniqueness of each bag, it also helps to find it in case it got lost.

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Sperling Bags Slogan

More than bags and backpacks

Sperling is more than just a conventional fashion brand, because we combine our Slow Fashion products with a green lifestyle that ranges from choice of materials to production. We want to enable you to shop sustainably and next to our stylish backpacks for men and women made of cork, modern business bags made of cork or purses made of cork we offer you the chance to look behind the scenes of our startup.

Stylish backpacks can also be fair

Style and sustainability are not opposites for us. We think that a vegan fair trade backpack only has a chance if it is an optimal alternative to a stylish backpack and no compromises in appearance and function. Even if you do not have anything to do with vegan fair trade products (yet), we want you to find a stylish companion in our vegan cork backpacks, cork bags and accessories made of cork.


When looking for “vegan” one often thinks first of vegan recipes, but other products can get along completely animal-free and thus without animal suffering, too. We’ve been awarded the {APPROVED VEGAN} certificate by PETA, the largest animal welfare organization in the world, and we’re working on making sure that a vegan backpack or vegan bag also gets its attention in future.


Sustainable materials

The sustainability of our materials is very important to us. In doing so, we not only talk about ecological aspects, such as the protection of the environment, but also about the robustness and longevity of the materials.


Cork is also known as vegan leather. A cork backpack for example has comparable characteristics to a leather backpack, but has a much better ecological footprint because of the cork, a vegetable renewable resource.

Organic cotton

Some Sperling products consist of the combination of cork and organic cotton. This cotton is controlled under fair working conditions and grown without pollutants and is therefore perfect for the production of vegan fair trade backpacks and vegan fair trade bags or generally fair fashion.

Therefore shopping at Sperling:

In addition to a perfect service for the purchase of your vegan bag in our online shop, we also have all other processes in view. From the production of your stylish bag under fair working conditions to the climate-friendly shipping via DHL GoGreen, we are constantly looking to optimize the steps. With this pioneering character we want to set an example for the change to vegan fair trade bags, vegan fair trade backpacks and vegan fair trade accessories and thus a general fair trade.