Cork – Break the rules!

Driven by the spirit to take new routes, Sperling sets a statement by using natural cork. Each of our products has elements made out of natural cork – the departure to new adventures: Powered by Nature

Kork Chocolate
different kinds of cork

Uniqueness is our passion

For your trips you need a companion, which is as unique as you are.
Each piece of cork has an own structure, an own character.
The nature is unique. Show your uniqueness!

Stylish – Sustainable – Simple

A combination of style and sustainability – It’s simple!

Far from the image as a bottle cap, we give cork a new dynamic!
Processed to a soft and luxurious material, it becomes to a perfect attender of your urban lifestyle.

New horizons

Cork is THE alternative to leather. Also giving you a valuable Look-and-Feel, this textile though gives you a good feeling. The extraction of the bark of the cork oak, which renews itself every nine years, does not leave any room for moral, ethical and ecological concerns.

Kork Rinde

Prepared for new adventures

Growing for years in the Portuguese woods, cork of the oak accompanies you on your coming adventures.
As water- and abrasion-resistant fabric it has your back and supports you in getting get to basics.


Cork waterresist