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we are Katharina and Björn, the founders of the startup Sperling.
We are very pleased that you are interested in our bags, backpacks and accessories. With our website we would like to invite you on a flight that provides interesting background information about us and our vision, but of course also about or products. Become a part of it and #lettheflightbegin

Gründer Sperling Bags

What we do.

Bags! Sperling is a brand for bags in the lifestyle and business sector. All our products are entirely or partially made of natural cork, which is THE vegan and ecological alternative to established leather. For us, Sperling is much more that a pure brand: In addition to our vegan products – unique “leather” goods – we combine some kind of education with our startup. For example with showing our production and people behind it in a transparent way or with providing some background information, e.g. about cork cultivation, we prove pioneering character. In a few years we want to become the first association when thinking about sustainable, ecological and fair bags.

New ways.

As a young startup we have the ambition to break new ground. The selection if our materials – such as cork or organic cotton – is a benefit for people and our environment. Together with the fair production conditions of our bags, we offer a sustainable alternative hat is fair and ecological in all areas.
We provide our customers the opportunity for a conscious decision on sustainability.

Our nature.

Inspired by the informality of nature – especially of the eponymous bird life – we pursue the motive of freedom and independence. In doing so, we do not conform to current standards, but develop our cork bags with the passion to combine modern lifestyle with forward-looking, fair thinking. As the characteristic feather that adorns all Sperling products is carried by the wind, so we are also guided by the influences of nature.

Gründer Sperling Bags

The origin.

Our journey began while studying. We both feel at home in nature and liked to discover the world in our old camper “Arno”.
On one of our trips in southr Europe we came in contact with cork. This was different than we knew it before: Not brittle plate goods, but a surprisingly soft and flexible material. Fascinated by this material and since we were already looking for a sustainable backpack for a long time, we developed one bag for our own use.
As cheese as it sounds, but when we saw that first backpack made of cork and organic cotton, we immediately knew: “We have to make more out of it!” The Sperling was born!

What happened then.

We further developed our product and concepts, looked for manufacturers who could identify with our ideals, and attended many fairs where we noticed the growing importance of sustainability. In tears we sold Arno, who became our investor, and founded our startup in 2018.
We would like to introduce our previous products and milestones to you on our website and in social media. Become part of this journey and let us make the Sperling fly together.

Startup Finanzierung
startup founder story

Read more about our startup-Story

Since so many of you, asked about the first steps in our startup, we prepared a blog post with some words about our life before ‘Sperling’. Have a look into it 🙂

Any questions?

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