about us

Powered by nature

Inspired by the unconventionality of nature —especially by the eponymous birdlife — we do also pursue the motive of freedom and independence.
Doing so, we do not comply with applicable norms, but passionately develop and design by combining our future-oriented thinking with modern lifestyle. Such as the characteristic feather, which decorates each Sperling product, is carried by the wind, we also let the impact of nature lead us.


New ways

We as a young company are entitled to go new ways and prove pioneer character by having decided for new material combinations, which are a gain for humans and the environment. Thereby, we give the possibility to our clients to consciously decide for sustainability. Our environment may then experience, through the by nature shaped uniqueness of the Sperling products, our appreciation.

Become part of the travel through urban daily routine and unknown countries on which your Sperling will be your stylish companion.

– From Düsseldorf into the rest of the world –