Our sustainable fabrics

As raw materials for our Sperlings, we use sustainable, natural fabrics and components that do not harm humans, animals or the environment.
The characteristic element of our products always is natural cork, which can be combined with organic cotton depending on the kind of bag. All zippers and buckles are made of metal. On the one hand, they are much more durable, on the other hand they have a better environmental balance than plastic parts.

Kork RInde

Cork – the vegan leather

Stylish – Sustainable – Simple

A combination of style and sustainability – it’s simple!
Far from the image as a bottle cap, we give new dynamic to cork. Crafted into a soft, luxurious material, it will be the perfect companion for your urban lifestyle.


In general, cork is the bark of a cork oak.
Due to the prevailing climatic conditions, these special trees can especially be found in the southern areas of Europe. We have found our partner in Portugal, where about 50% of the world’s cork goods are produced.
One third of all cork oaks of our planet are located in the so-called Montados, the Portuguese cork oak forests. These bear an important responsibility as home of many, partially endangered species. In addition, they ensure the preservation of the soil and the treatment of water.

Montados Portugal


At the age of 40 years a cork tree can be peeled for the first time. The bark is separated without damaging the oak. During its lifespan of over 200 years, this special oak can thus be harvested about 15 times, while using a technique that is based on traditional craftsmanship.
In the annual harvest season from May to August, around 340,000 tons of the natural resource can be mined in the world’s cork forests.

Kork Ernte

New horizons

Cork is THE vegan alternative to leather. With a similar high-quality look and feel, this textile gives you a good feeling. The recovery of the bark of the oak, which is renewing itself within nine years, leaves no room for moral, ethical or ecological concerns.


With cork one often connects pin boards or floors, but the kind that is used for your Sperling is neither brittle nor porous. It’s a soft and flexible fabric. Both types of cork come from the bark of the cork oak, but for our bags only a very high-quality layer from the inner area can be used.
In order to obtain a textile material, we can process, the layers which have a thickness of a few centimeters are assembled to large plates and connected with a carrier by means of a thermal process. After this step thin layers are removed, which are reminiscent of leather in their look and feel, but are fair and ecological! We have been awarded PETA’S {APPROVED VEGAN}-certificate to promote cork as a leather alternative.

With cork against climate change

The world’s cork oaks absorb more than 14 million tons of CO2. That is equivalent to the annual output of nearly six million cars. The ability to store theses gases is greatest during the growth phase of the tree. Therefore, a shortly peeled tree that is building its new bark can bind up to five times more CO2 that an unpeeled oak does.
With the purchase of your Sperling, you give the Portuguese farms the opportunity to care for and afforest the forests and therefore have an important share to climate protection.


For your trips you need a companion that is as unique as you are. Each piece of cork has its own pattern, it’s own character. Nature is unique. Show that it is you, too!

Klimaschutz Aufforstung

Characteristics at a glance

Kork Wasserdicht

Water repellent
Cork does not let through any water. This property also prevents optical aging.

Kork robust

Robust, tear- and abrasion resistant
This fabric is extremely robust and tear-resistant. Even friction is no problem.


You can easily wash off dirt with a damp cloth.

Kork Gewicht

Light as a feather
50% of the volume of this natural fabric is air. That makes it the perfect material for bags.

Kork flexibel

Due to its cell structure, our cork can not break and is flexible.

Beside information about our materials, we would also like to tell you about where and how your Sperling is made. You will find more details about our production HERE.