Our production

From the beginning, we have been aware of the fact that we cannot only achieve our goals by using sustainable materials. Our responsibility begins where people with devotion manufacture every single Sperling every day.

Development made in Germany

The preparatory work for all of our bags, backpacks and accessories is always done in our

own factory, where we constantly develop and test new things and occasionally discard


Often, a small number of new products are initially manufactured by ourselves and

presented to customers. Through practical tests, we can ensure that your Sperling will be

a loyal companion for a long time.

By the way: If there ever should be a problem with your sparrow, our development

department will also be happy to fill in as a repair shop. This way we can offer you

lightning-fast service without having to fly your Sperling all around the world

Gründer Sperling
Mitgründer Björn

Workshop for the disabled


For our small accessories, such as our key chain, we have found a reliable partner for fair production in a handicapped workshop in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. We regularly visit the charitable institution to get to know both the employees and their everyday work as well as their supervisors. The cooperation is an exciting journey for us, to which we would like to invite you by showing you interesting backgrounds. In our stories on Instagram and Facebook, you can take a look behind the scenes.

Produktion Rucksack made in Germany

A win for all sides

The employees in the handicapped workshop are very happy about the work on our Sperlings. The high level of individuality and the variety that goes with manufacturing the Sperlings are great fun and help develop motoric skills. The disabled employees experience themselves as providing and active people. Their own performance awakens and increases self-confidence. They find personal recognition and can contribute to their own livelihood. For us, of course, the fast reaction times and the spatial proximity make the cooperation with the handicapped workshop ideal. Nonetheless, it is also a great experience for us because it broadens our horizons.

Wir möchten, dass die dort beschäftigten Menschen mit Handicap
einen Platz in der Mitte unserer Gesellschaft finden.

We want change!

For our more complex products, such as our backpacks,  we work with a partner in New Delhi. This is a small manufactory, with the help of which we would like to establish a nationwide influence towards fair working conditions and fair payments. We have deliberately chosen the path to Asia. Where the clichés tell of poor working conditions and unfair trade structures, we have visited countless companies and held discussions. To one of the most common questions “Why don’t you produce in Germany or at least in Europe?”, We are happy to answer with a counter question: “What should we change in a country with mostly fair working conditions, how should we improve and encourage rethinking?” ? “ Change should start where it is needed!

Fair Fashion Rucksack
Manufaktur in Neu-Delhi

Den Weg nach Asien haben wir bewusst eingeschlagen. Dort wo die Klischees von schlechten Arbeitsbedingungen und unfairen Handelsstrukturen erzählen, haben wir unzählige Firmen besucht und Gespräche geführt. Auf eine der dabei häufigsten Fragen „Warum produziert ihr nicht in Deutschland oder zumindest in Europa?“, antworten wir gerne mit einer Gegenfrage: „Da wo bereits größtenteils gute Arbeitsbedingungen herrschen, was sollen wir dort verändern, wie sollen wir verbessern und zum Umdenken anregen?“ Veränderung sollte da ansetzen, wo sie gebraucht wird!

Indien Fair Fashion

The people in our partner company, who have now become good friends and with whom we are in daily contact, share our thoughts about the green mission. Together we want to improve working working conditions and reduce the environment impact. We want to make the value chain for our products more sustainable bit by bit and let you be part in it.

We are also looking forward to accepting the invitation to the weekly yoga class they have created next time they visit 😉


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