9. February 2019

PETA {Approved Vegan}

PETA VEGAN RucksackWe are happy to wear the {approved vegan}-label from the animal rights group PETA. This is given to companies in the fashion industry who are committed to animal-friendly styles and designs. The logo of the PETA in vegan fashion makes the engagement for animals outwardly visible.

About PETA

PETA Deutschland e.V. was founded in 1994 and is a partner organisation of PETA USA, the world’s largest animal rights organisation, with over six and a half million supporters.

The aim of the organisation is to help every animal to live a better life by exposing animal cruelty, educating the public and changing lifestyles.

Other partner organisations wirk in Asia, Australie, France, Great Britan, India and the Netherlands.

The organisations were set up to educate politicians and the public on the continuing, widespread and unacceptable cruelty to animals and to promote the understanding that animals have a natural right to be treated with respect and esteem. PETA acts on the simple principle that we humans do not have the right to exploit or abuse animals in any way. (source: peta.de/ueberpeta)

Our contribution to vegan fashion

Already from the beginning of our startup it was clear to us that we wanted to contribute to animal welfare.  Our vegan bags, backpacks and accessories made of cotton and cork are not only sustainably produced, but they also convince through a sustainable choice of materials. Even if you have noting to do with veganism or sustainability (yet): Why should we use leather, if there is an uncompromising alternative?

You want to know more, what this does exactly mean? . Have a look at PETA or get in touch with us.