1. February 2020

Popup-Store Bochum

Six Startups – One Popup-Store in Bochum

The Sperling’s jounrey continues! Visit us in our new store in Bochum until March 2020:

Huestraße 24
44787 Bochum

Pathbreaking project in Bochum

Six start-ups that actually have nothing to do with each other, apart from their connection to the city of Bochum – this was the beginning of the idea to revive the empty building of the traditional restaurant “Zur Uhle”. This is made possible by Bochum Marketing GmbH, where the founders of the young companies can present their ideas to an interested audience. It is a win-win situation for everyone, because the inner city of Bochum is also revitalized with fresh ideas.

Discover your new backpack in Bochum

For the founding team, Katharina and Björn, who both studied in Bochum, there was no question whether they would take this opportunity. After the request came up whether we wanted to present our backpacks in the empty restaurant in the best location in the Ruhrpott city, we started planning right away. Within two weeks we developed the concept, designed posters and flyers to bring our products closer to the audience. Now our bags, backpacks and purses made of cork can be discovered in Bochum and of course bought directly.


As so often in life, it is only possible with a good team is possible! Since we are at trade fairs and events almost every weekend, we knew that this time we would not be able to do it alone. In addition, the shop area in Bochum is so large that it offers enough potential to offer several founders space to present their ideas. We made a few phone calls and talked to fellow founders. The result is a great team of six startups that support each other in the Bochum Uhle:


kunstundkegel® is an art label for stationery products such as art prints, greeting cards and blocks. The special designs with the loving animal motifs are all created by the Bochum artist Stephanie Clauberg. The high-quality products, such as the customizable art prints, are suitable as a special gift for birth, baptism or just like that. (www.Kunstundkegel.de)

Bochum Kunstundkegel


Charging your smartphone has never been so easy and stylish. ChargAire has designed high-quality inductive chargers that charge the smartphone by simply hanging it up, and it is also super fast. The combination of innovative technology, classic natural materials and puristic design make ChargAire more than just a charger. Each ChargAire is unique and is made by hand in the Ruhr area as desired.(www.Chargaire.com)

wireless laden


GRUBENHOLZ® is a Bochum-based manufacturer that stylishly combines high-quality natural materials with each other and creates handmade, unique pieces. In addition to designing your own furniture and lamps, the team is also happy to implement individual requests with attention to detail. The combination of wood and stone creates a modern and timeless interior that gives every living room a cozy and exclusive ambience.

Tischlerei Bochum


The startup CUNA produces high-quality reusable cups in various forms and on a biological basis – i.e. from plants. This is good for the climate and also looks cool. And: Unlike many suppliers of conventional cups made of cardboard or plastic, CUNA takes back worn cups. Means: You can buy or rent the cups and have them recycled later by CUNA. The holistic concept developed in cooperation with universities has been awarded by Oceanic.Global for the fight against plastic pollution. (www.cunaproducts.de)

Becher aus Holz


Take on the challenges in the Escape Rooms of Think2 and dive into another world. You will have to prove your skills in the six unique puzzle rooms to uncover the secrets and master the extraordinary missions. Captivating puzzles and an incomparable set await you. An unforgettable adventure for friends, families and companies right in the heart of Bochum – the Bermuda3Eck. (www.think-square.de)

escape room bochum

A visit to our popup store is definitely worth it. We and the whole team of startups look forward to your visit to present our bags and backpacks, but of course all other ideas too!

Take a look at the bags, backpacks and accessories made of cork in our shop: