15. October 2019


Rucksack kaufen Mettmann

Sperling Popup-Store

A big step for our startup: We opened our first pop-up store!

Poststraße 7
40822 Mettmann

Now you have the opportunity to experience our Sperlings live, to take a close look and of course to buy directly in Mettmann. We also stand by your side to show you all the details.

Mere Chance

Originally it was a coincidence that we got the opportunity to present our cork rucksacks and bags in a local shop. Since we are a young startup that do not have so many employees that we can permanently fill the store in Mettmann, we wanted to use the new area initially as a pure showcase.
However, we quickly realized that so many people stopped in front of the shop window and wanted to know more about it, so that we decided to make a pop-up store out of it.

Individual appointments

Because we are currently visiting many fairs and similar events, we can not offer fixed opening hours. So we simply want to move our office in the city of Mettmann whenever it is possible. Here you are cordially invited to visit us in our showroom, where you can discover all our products and of course buy them, too.
If you do not find any of us at the store, just drop us a line and we can make an appointment or even be there within a few minutes.

So check us out at the Popup Store in Mettmann. We look forward to seeing you there and presenting you our bags and backpacks!

Take a look at the bags, backpacks and cork accessories in our shop: