Responsible production

Already from the beginning, we are aware that we can not achieve our goals only through the use of sustainable fabrics. Our responsibility starts right from the point, where people with great love are involved every day in the production of each Sperling.
In search of the perfect location for our production we were particularly guided by our vision: “We want to change something!” – And we think that change should always mean improvement!


Carried by this idea, we have deliberately taken the road to Asia. In the places full of stereotypes about bad working conditions and unfair trading structures, we have visited countless companies and held lots of conversations. On one of the most common questions “Why don’t you produce in Germany or at least in Europe?”, we like to answer with a counter question: “In a region with mostly good working conditions, what should we change there, how should we improve and encourage rethinking?” Change should always begin where it is needed!

We are currently working with two partners in India. This is a small factory, with the help of which we want to establish a area-wide influence in fair working conditions and fair payments.


„Are they certified?“

Although our partner in India was audited by the European initiative BSCI (Business and Social Compliance Initiative), we did not want to be blinded by seals and awards choosing our spots for production. Let’s face it: What exactly do we know about the background of a certification and its validity? Not rarely, financial aspects also play a major role.
Since cork in the kind we use it is almost unknown in Asia, it was important for us to find people who are open to new ideas and who can be inspired by our ideas. Together we aim to begin a pioneering journey across different continents.

Björn Sperling

Own development

The preparation for our vegan bags always happens in our own factory, here we constantly develop, test and discard. Often a small number of new products are initially manufactured by ourselves to evaluate their potential. If the feedback is positive, it will be developed further for a wider audience in cooperation with the Indian or Chinese manufacturers.

Learning from and with each other

We are glad to have expanded our Sperling family beyond Europe and not let cliches direct us. In the future we would like to open up further locations and thus move more sewing companies as well as brands to work closely together to improve global working conditions.

Faire Kleidung

We would like to take you on the flight behind the scenes and give you an answer to the question “Who made my bag?”. In our newsletter and on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) you will always be up to date. There you will get exciting insights from the upcoming visits to our sewing partners. With more transparency than superficial audits, we want you to be there very close.

Discover all products that we have been able to implement in our own factory and with our partners: