20. December 2019

Backpacks and wallets in Heilbronn

Rucksack Heilbronn kaufen

We want the Sperling to break new ground and are therefore very pleased that we can not only find our place in the classic bag stores, but now also in an unpackaged shop. At “liva” in Heilbronn, the city’s first unpackaged shop, you can now find our new cork wallets in addition to our cork backpacks. This makes live Germany’s first store with our new vegan cork accessories.

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Heilbronn is also known as the city of wine because of its large vineyards. Where would our cork backpacks and wallets fit better than in a place that is associated with wine and therefore with cork anyway?

Unpackaged shop

An unpackaged shop is an almost normal business. However, it differs in that the entire range is offered loose and therefore free of packaging. The food and products can be filled in their own containers. The main goal is to avoid food waste and packaging waste.

Rucksack kaufen Heilbronn
Geldbeutel kaufen Heilbronn

Liva in Heilbronn

Linda and Patrick, the two founders of Liva Unverpackt in Heilbronn, also want to contribute to more conscious consumption with their shop and opened their unpackaged shop at the end of September 2019. We got to know the two at a trade fair in Stuttgart last year when the idea matured in their heads. In addition to the usual food trade, their vision also includes other sustainable products in the range, so that you can now also buy our backpacks, purses and key chains from them. As mentioned at the beginning, it is something very special for us that you can no longer only buy our backpacks and purses in the usual shop for bags and we are very happy to gain the first experiences on this new path.

So what are you waiting for? – Visit the shop in Heilbronn and in addition to the unpacked food and our vegan cork products, discover many other special features that the team has lovingly selected.


Unverpackt Heilbronn
Allee 73
74072 Heilbronn

Tel.-Nr.: 07131/4051046

opening hours

Mo, Tu, We & Fr: 10 – 19Uhr
Th: 10 – 20Uhr
Sa: 10 – 16Uhr

All further information can be found on the website of the first unpackaged shop in in Heilbronn

Heilbronn Unverpackt Laden

Take a look at our shop now before you take a close look at our Sperlings at liva in Heilbronn: