Our Mission

“We produce pioneering bags.
For cosmopolitan people. For a respectful future.”

Our Sperling should not only be carried, they should also contribute to a more respectful future.

We want to break new ground and develop all products with the aim of being the perfect companion for cosmopolitan people and those who want to become one of them. We want to raise awareness of how a bag can be a benefit for people, animals and the environment at the same time.

We want to show that you do not have to compromise for a sustainable product, you do not have to miss out on anything. All our Sperlings combine timeless design ans sophisticated functions with pioneering sustainability.

For us it is a journey to which we would like to invite you – far from the applicable standards.

Have the courage to break new ground with us. Casual, free and independent. Like a Sperling’s flight.


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